Our Vision

To inspire and encourage our clients, that if you have a dream in life, be motivated to achieve it. Dreams do come true as a result of being focused, committed, strategic thinking and hard work. This is all simply defined by our journey from just a dream to a brand name that we are proud of. Dream it, Make it and Live it.


Our Message

If you are a dream chaser, don’t stop. Be thankful to God for the opportunity to have that dream. Set your goals straight. Your dream is your destiny. Every journey starts with a single step.


Our Story

We had a “dream” in 2003 to be a brand name in this world. So from then on we built a strong foundation out of “stone” as a pillar for what we wanted to achieve. We have grown as a brand from strength to strength through smart thinking, smart branding and creative artistic approach. We officially registered as a company in 2016.

We have created Dreamstone clothing brand being marketed in Zimbabwe and South Africa. We have T-Shirts, Sweaters, Hoodies, and Caps in our collection. We also have a collection of David Jones handbags, something for the ladies, for sale as well.

We have a team that takes care of flyers designs, poster designs and other design requirements to customer specification.

In addition, we have linked with the Entertainment industry in Zimbabwe, working with Sude Records, Parliament Music, Ghetto Warriors and many more. In South Africa, Durban city we have done work with TK Hollun (Shakestone Records), Blackstar Int’l Sound, Real Top Gallis (Boys DzeNyasha), Team Unruly, Mk Major, Pon Dot Team and Many more...